12 Reasons People Get Depressed at Holiday Time

Say no to overcommitting

It’s no shock that girls greater than males report feeling careworn at vacation time, as girls are steadily in command of vacation preparations like items, meals, playing cards, decorations, and get-togethers. However this yr, think about saying “no” to the millionth job you’re requested to do—or that you just’re asking your self to do. “The season of ‘giving’ can actually find yourself ‘taking’ from you, particularly in case you’re an individual who does an excessive amount of, can’t say no, and is hesitant to delegate chores,” Serani says. “Your stress response might be working additional time, with cortisol and adrenaline serving to you get issues executed, however leaving you burnt out and irritable.” As a substitute, make a plan forward of time for the way a lot you may deal with, and keep away from committing to extra. Don’t postpone purchasing for meals and items, and search for methods to chop corners.