Does Shooting Video on Medium Format Make Any Sense?

Medium format has become rather more accessible to additional people than it has ever been to this point, and that options the pliability to shoot video on the large sensors. On this 9.5-minute video, Photographer Jay P. Morgan appears to look out out if capturing RAW video on medium format is one factor it is advisable to even do.

While you get earlier factors with rolling shutter (Morgan found that it wasn’t too harmful when the digicam is locked off), there are some benefits to capturing with medium format which could be most noticeable when compared with typical video camcorders. For comparability features, Morgan and co-host Kenneth Merrill shoot the equivalent scene in RAW on the Canon C200, the Panasonic S1H, and on the medium format Fujifilm GFX100 to see what they might uncover as variations.

These three cameras have been chosen on account of the C200 has a super-35 sized sensor, the S1H has a full-frame sensor, and the GFX is, in spite of everything, medium format.

“Correct off as you take a look at this there are a selection of points if you merely look by the use of them in a short while,” Morgan says. “You’ll see the aspect turns into larger when you go from Super 35 to that full physique. It appears nicer. Nonetheless then when you go to that medium format it is so pretty and (there’s) quite a bit aspect.”

Morgan says that for him, most likely probably the most drastic seen distinction is between the C200 and the S1H.

“I actually really feel identical to the S1H image really pops out at you. And then you definitely undoubtedly get it rather more with a GFX. Nonetheless for me, it’s not as noticeable. I do uncover additional gritty aspect inside the GFX. You really see the primary focus if you take a look on the depth of topic there. Must you take a look at each one amongst these subsequent to at least one one other it’s a quite a bit shallower depth of topic at f/2.8 on that medium format compared with the Super 35,” he says.

Image prime quality at low ISOs is one issue, nevertheless Morgan wanted to see how each of the cameras held up at an increasing number of higher ISOs.

“We merely wanted to start as little as we’d and that’s 1250 for the GFX,” Morgan says. “So we went 1250 all through the board. So the sunshine now we’ve got on his face is pulsating. The flame is type of flickering. And so what you see inside the black deep shadows is that type of pulse from the flame. It’s not some type of topic with the ISO.”

“So the S1H is principally clear at 1250,” he continues. “It seems cleaner than the GFX 100 to me, and that’s native for the GFX 100. The GFX 100 is already just a bit bit noisy.

At ISO 3200, the Canon begins to level out weaknesses due to the smaller sensor

“So the Canon won’t be making an attempt terribly good, nonetheless it’s not an unlimited step up from 1250,” He says. “If we go to the S1H, I actually really feel like there’s an unlimited change with the S1H. It’s not doing very properly proper right here. We see an entire lot of noise. And we frequently see that with the S1H as you methodology that twin purchase of 4000. That’s when it type of will get larger as soon as extra. So this isn’t that stunning.”

Morgan was shocked to see that the GFX was actually performing really badly at this ISO.

“The GFX is doing terribly the 3200,” he says. “It is really not what I anticipated. I assumed it’d be quite a bit cleaner at this degree. Nonetheless the image capabilities don’t always translate to the video capabilities, notably for these hybrid our our bodies. It is fascinating, on account of now we’ve got examined the GFX 100 virtually about stills and ISO and it carried out terribly properly. However after we’re not seeing it on this video format the least bit. I won’t want to shoot this above its native ISO.”

In the end, Morgan admits that there wasn’t an unlimited trigger to shoot video with medium format if a full physique video digicam is on the market.

“This step as a lot as medium format didn’t actually really feel like such a leap with these cameras, on the very least at this stage. Nonetheless there was a distinction,” he says. “The color depth was merely fabulous. I really feel it’s only a bit early, I really feel we’re going to see medium format come into its private. As we’ve seen the full-frame type of become the same old, then we’ll switch as a lot as medium format. Probably it’ll cross a barrier the place it’s merely additional worth and more durable than it’s worth. I don’t know, it’s potential.”

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