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TIL that honey literally never expires. Significantly. Archaeologists dug up 5,500-year-old honey and it was still edible. Which means even the previous, half-empty jar of honey you present in your pantry, hidden behind a field of raisins (why?) and an empty field of crackers, remains to be totally edible, even when it is crystallized.

The truth is, crystallization is a pure course of for honey, says Ted Dennard, founder, president, and head beekeeper of Savannah Bee Company. “It doesn’t imply that the honey has been adulterated or had sugar added. All honeys have completely different sugar compositions—a few of them granulate in a short time, a few of them very slowly or by no means, not often,” he explains.

That mentioned, there are a couple of things that may pace up the crystallization course of: “If there’s something contained in the honey that provides the crystal a place to develop, for instance some type of spur off of the plastic or some strong materials inside the honey, that may trigger crystallization to begin. As soon as it begins, it retains going,” Dennard says. The temperature you retailer honey at may have an effect on the tempo of this course of—he says temperatures round 57 levels Fahrenheit makes honey crystallize sooner.

Dennard provides that crystallized honey is the best way most individuals on this planet eat honey. The truth is, certainly one of Savannah Bee Firm’s best-selling merchandise is Whipped Honey ($7), which is made by controlling crystallization to create a honey that has a creamy, spreadable texture related to peanut butter. If crystallized honey is not your jam, nonetheless, and also you need to return it to its liquid type, Dennard says to gently warmth it up. “The easiest way to do that’s in a double boiler with heat water round 100 to 110 levels Fahrenheit,” he explains. Although working it beneath heat water will do the trick in a pinch. Be (bee?) affected person and let it utterly liquefy—any crystals which can be left behind present a basis for different crystals to develop again, he provides.

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