Tom DeLonge: New blink-182 Album ‘Weeks (Days)’ Away

Frank Ocean Not Playing Coachella Weekend 2; Blink-182 To Fill In
Frank Ocean Not Playing Coachella Weekend 2; Blink-182 To Fill In

Blink-182’s members have been dropping hints about a comeback album for quite some time, but the project will apparently see the light of day more sooner than later, according to guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge. “Music video(s) and album are only weeks (days) away. We are finally here,” he wrote last night (Aug. 25) on the platform formerly known as Twitter.

DeLonge had earlier this week posted an Instagram photo of himself in front of a green screen at a music video shoot, and last month called the as-yet-untitled project “probably our best album we’ve ever made” in an interview to promote his new custom Fender Stratocaster.

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No other concrete details have yet to be revealed about the album, which will be the band’s first with the core trio of DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, and Travis Barker since 2011’s Neighborhoods. Blink-182 also released albums in 2016 and 2019 during the seven-year period when DeLonge left to pursue his own band, Angels & Airwaves.

Before heading out on its massive reunion tour this spring, Blink unveiled a one-off new single, “Edging,” last October. The group resumes roadwork Sept. 1 in Glasgow and has dates on tap this year through late October at the When We Were Young festival in Las Vegas. Its 2024 itinerary begins Feb. 8 in Perth, Australia.

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