My Demon, Backstreet Rookie & Extra

Kim Yoo-Jung is a 24-year-old South Korean actress who made her debut as a child model at the age of four. This year, she returns to the K-drama world with a new drama, My Demon, opposite Song Kang.

The young actress started her acting career as a child and thus nicknamed “Nation’s Little Sister.” After her incredible performance in the 2022 rom-com 20th Century Girl, Yoo-Jung bagged many nicknames, such as “Nation’s First Love” and “Global First Love.”

Kim Yoo-Jung showcased her versatile acting through several different projects. Along with her upcoming K-drama My Demon, let’s take a look at her drama list.  

My Demon

My Demon | Official Trailer | Netflix

My Demon is Kim Yoo-Jung’s upcoming K-drama opposite Song Kang. The duo’s chemistry looks promising in trailers and teasers.

The fantasy romance drama tells the story of a demon named Jung Gu-Won who suddenly loses his powers to Do Do-Hee. She is the successor of a big company where she has more enemies than friends. Gu-Won must get his powers back to prevent his extinction and to do so, he needs to protect Do-Hee. Hence, the two enter into a marriage contract that may turn into true romance.

My Demon premiered on Friday, November 24, 2023, on SBS. 

Backstreet Rookie

Backstreet Rookie is a 2020 Korean drama, starring Kim Yoo-Jung and Ji Chang-Wook. It is a light-hearted romance comedy story of Jung Saet-Byul and Choi Dae-Hyun.

Saet-Byul is gifted with amazing fighting skills and is close to her family and friends. A few years ago, she had a brief encounter with Dae-Hyun who left an unforgettable impression on her. After three years, she applied for a part-time position at his convenience store. The two fell for each other while dreaming of their future.

Consisting of 16 episodes, the SBS K-drama’s director is Lee Myung-Woo.

Clean with Passion for Now

김유정(Kim You-jung)과 항상 붙어있고 싶은 윤균상(Yun Kyun Sang)♥ (ft. 눈치 없는 금자 씨) 일단 뜨겁게 청소하라 13회

Clean with Passion for Now is a 2018 K-drama with 16 episodes. The JTBC series stars Yun Kyun-Sang as Jang Sun-Gyeol and Kim Yoo-Jung as Gil O-Sol.

Based on the webtoon of the same name, Clean with Passion for Now revolves around a wealthy cleaning company owner Sun-Gyeol. He suffers from mysophobia, a fear of germs. He meets Gil O-Sol when she joins his company. She is a carefree, bright person with no time to think of cleanliness. 

O-Sol teaches Sun-Gyeol about the realities of life, including getting dirty. Eventually, they fall in love with each other. 

Love in the Moonlight

Love in the Moonlight is a 2016 periodic romance drama, starring Kim Yoo-Jung and Park Bo-Gum. Yoo-Jung plays the role of Hong Ra-On who disguises herself as a man and advises men on dating. She meets Crown Prince Hyo Myung (Bo-Gum) because of a love letter she wrote for a client.

The plot twist is that Ra-On doesn’t know he is the Crown Prince and the latter is unaware that Ra-On is a woman. The dating counselor is forced to become a eunuch and Ra-On’s encounter with Hyo Myung becomes frequent. Soon, the two fall for each other but their respective survival struggles may create trouble.

20th Century Girl

20th Century Girl is Kim Yoo-Jung’s 2022 movie opposite Strong Girl Nam-Soon’s Byeon Woo-Seok. It is a high school romance drama that has an emotional ending.

Na Bo-Ra and Kim Yeon-Doo are best friends. The latter has a crush on Baek Hyun-Jin and asks Bo-Ra to find out everything about him when she leaves for the US. While Bo-Ra is on the mission, she meets Hyun-Jin’s friend Poong Woon-Ho. She falls in love with Woon-Ho. But things get complicated when she finds out that Yeon-Doo’s crush is Woo-Ho. Due to some misunderstanding, Yeon-Doo thought that Woon-Ho was Hyun-Ji. Bo-Ra is torn between love and friendship.

Catch all the K-dramas of the My Demon actress on Viki and HiTV. A few of them are also available on Netflix.