Sunny Day Actual Property Teasing First New Tune In 10 Years

Sunny Day Real Estate Extends 2023 Touring Plans
Sunny Day Real Estate Extends 2023 Touring Plans

Reunited emo legends Sunny Day Real Estate are teasing their first new music since 2014 via a social media video featuring nearly a minute’s worth of an as-yet-untitled song. As it plays, an unseen artist at first draws the phrase “novum vetus” (Latin for “everything old is new again”) before sketching out a boat at sea.

On the track, frontman Jeremy Enigk’s voice is immediately identifiable as he sings inscrutable phrases such as “10,000 words collide but no one said a thing / the day we died inside the walls come tumbling down.” However, the post contains no caption or other information about the song, its intended release date or whether it may herald a new album, which would be Sunny Day Real Estate’s first since 2000’s The Rising Tide.

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While they created hugely influential, genre-defining and emotionally resonant music such as 1994’s Diary and 1995’s colloquially titled The Pink Album, Sunny Day Real Estate’s members have often incongruously been their own worst enemies, with a variety of interpersonal dramas resulting in three breakups and reunions and at least one aborted album throughout their on-and-off, three-decade existence.

In an interview with SPIN in the fall of 2022 as part of SDRE’s first shows since 2010, guitarist Dan Hoerner expressed optimism the group would continue making music together beyond returning to the road, although for now, Sunny Day Real Estate’s only upcoming show is a May 5 appearance at Atlanta’s Shaky Knees festival.

The group’s last new song, “Lipton Witch,” was released nearly a decade ago on a split single with Circa Survive and has been played frequently on the reunion tour dates.

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