Reloop Mixtour Professional: an up to date tackle Reloop’s super-slim mixer packs as many controls as imaginable

As a bit of a kick-off to the NAMM 2024 news cycle in terms of released gear, Reloop this morning announced the Mixtour Pro. It’s a slim, small form-factor mixer controller with a built-in audio interface, designed to control four decks in Algoriddim djay Pro (although we’re sure you’ll be able to use it with more than just that software). The device is an updated design of the original Mixtour, released in 2016.

Reloop Mixtour Pro X Laidback Luke - 4-Deck All-In-One DJ Controller for djay Pro (Introduction)

The focus of this new device is on packing in all of the controls and features that DJs need for full control of DJ setup. For those DJs with big fingers, this design might be a bit compressed – but it’s still great to see devices that attempt to think of everything without selling you another piece of gear to control your software.

So many DJs have asked for an updated Traktor Kontrol X1 over the years – and this is pretty much it (although we’d love for NI to lean back into DJ hardware products). As I noted above, it’s update to the original Reloop Mixtour released in 2016, this new device aims to be a single device designed to control four decks (albeit in a two-channel mixer format). Here’s the two units side-by-side:

Feature Set on Mixtour Pro

Aside from the expected three band EQ, transport controls, crossfader, and so on, here’s the features that are worth noting on Reloop’s latest release:

  • 4-deck control (little LED indicator to show when you’re controlling decks 3 / 4)
  • Pads are versatile with a bunch of different modes, including stems control. You can toggle them to be split (4 per deck) or single (all 8 for a single deck)
  • bus-powered USB-C interface with passthrough USB-C power delivery (fyi, our USB-C to C Chroma Cables support power)
  • FX toggle switches with Hold and On for either momentary or locked effects
  • One button loop control for each deck (press once for in, again for out, and a third time for exit)

There’s nothing that isn’t on other gear on this device, it’s more just that it can control nearly every single feature in Algoriddim djay. Many DJs might find this super handy just from a setup simplification perspective.

Collaboration with Laidback Luke

Have you seen any of Laidback Luke’s recent videos where’s ditched his traditional setup in favor of a slimmer Mixtour Pro MIDI controller controlling his phone? Yep, now we know exactly why: he’s been codesigning the Reloop Mixtour Pro. One of his videos (What NOT To Like About My New DJ Setup) looks, upon reflection, is carefully crafted inverse feature list of the new unit, framed as critiquing the old unit. Just look at this screengrab from it to see what I mean:

Luke been making the case on his vlog and social media channels for months that his hyper-portable setup is all that that he wants and needs to perform professionally. While many DJs can see the utility of a device like this for a hyper-portable setup and as a powerful backup option to more expansive pieces of gear, he goes a bit further in a quote on Reloop’s product page, “This is my dream portable club and festival setup!”

A bit of editorial here: it feels ergonomics and control layout are taking a backseat to features and size on this product – not exactly what I’d choose first to play at a club or festival – and I used to happily play sets with a Faderfox DJ2 connected to Traktor. To each their own!

See more features and details on the official product page here.

While no USD price was sent to us, the expected release will be this summer for €449 / €449 / £399.

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