TikToker Is going Viral For Sharing His $20K Amazon Acquire!

A TikTok creator recently shared a spontaneous purchase he made on Amazon, and it has people talking.

Videos explaining his big purchase went viral and have tons of comments as people are locked in to see how this all plays out.

What Did This TikToker Buy On Amazon?

hittaa_jeff on TikTok
hittaa_jeff – TikTok

TikToker Jeffrey Bryant, who goes by hittaa_jeff on the app, recently shared that he bought a house on Amazon and people are here for it!

“Literally, after today y’all, y’all could take my card. I don’t need it,” he began his now-viral video with more than 8 million views. “I’m 23 years old. I just bought a house off Amazon.”

He continued his video by showing receipts in case anyone didn’t believe he just bought “a whole house” on Amazon. He shared that his new house will be arriving between January 29 and 30 and showed the amount of money he spent.

hittaa_jeff on TikTok
hittaa_jeff – TikTok

“All I’m saying is Amazon is really like a dangerous place, cause it’s like, really? Houses?” he continued. “I didn’t even think twice about it. I just did it. I don’t even know where I’m gonna put the house.”

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Many viewers had something to say about buying a house on Amazon. Lots of positive thoughts filled the comment section.

“The fact that you paid 27k. no payments no nothing. I wanna be this financially stable,” one person wrote. Another added, “Not me running to Amazon to see their houses.”

Many others requested an update once the house arrives.

hittaa_jeff on TikTok
hittaa_jeff – TikTok

A follow-up video shares an update on the home Byrant bought on Amazon and a peek into it. The house arrived on January 29 and came with some upgrades thanks to an Amazon specialist who saw Bryant’s TikTok video about buying the house.

“The house is not supposed to be this color. She gave me a whole different color house,” he said. “On the papers, it says the square footage is way bigger. She gave me two couches, y’all.”

He said that the Amazon specialist also helped him find a place to store the house while he searched for land to put the house on, and then gave a little tour of the home.

@hittaa_jeff 5 guys and 27 mins later 😫 ITS HERE😫😍 #FYP #foryou #amazon #house #unfoldhouse #foryoupage #newhouse #update #explorepage #pt2 ♬ original sound – HughHefnerSon

“‘I got my house from Amazon all; you will forever have the best conversation starter,” one viewer wrote in the comment section. “That’s so much nicer than I imagined,” said another.

An Update Video Shares Plans For The Amazon House

hittaa_jeff on TikTok
hittaa_jeff – TikTok

Since a lot of viewers were asking what the plan is for the house once Bryant finds the land to put it on, he shared his plans in an update video.

“I’m not gonna live here. I’m actually gonna Airbnb it because as I said in a previous video, the ceilings are very small. I’m 5’8. I could touch the ceilings,” he said. “The plan is to Airbnb it. That’s a smart decision.”

He also explained that once he gets the permits in hand, he will have the electrical and plumbing done and that he does have the location he’s going to place the house.

“I’m gonna get the walls drywalled. You are able to get the walls drywalled, so I’m gonna do all that,” he said. “I say, in the next two to three weeks, depending on the permits and how long that takes, everything should be handled.”

@hittaa_jeff Baby steps yall think imma robot 😂🥴 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #amazon #house #newhouse #pt3 #update #explorepage ♬ original sound – HughHefnerSon

Many viewers dropped into the comments to tell him that his decision to Airbnb the house was a great decision. And others were just excited for what’s to come for Bryant and his Amazon-purchased home.

“That’s a great idea! You’re giving people the opportunity to book to get a feel & test it out to make an informed decision before they buy for themselves,” one person wrote.

Another added, “First was giving silly idea, very much giving million dollar idea.”