Algoriddim’s djay app now hyperlinks with Apple Imaginative and prescient Professional, integrates Apple Tune streaming

Algoriddim has added two new major features to djay, the company’s flagship app built for Mac and iOS users: the launch of djay for Apple Music Pro – a mixed-reality, 3D turntable setup and interactive experience, and an integration with Apple Music available on all of djay’s available platforms. The linking to Apple Music gives users the ability to access Music’s library via djay’s app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, as well via djay for Apple Vision Pro by linking their Apple Music account to the software.

Introducing djay for Apple Vision Pro – featuring integration with Apple Music

Apple Vision Pro

djay for Apple Vision Pro, described by the company’s CEO as a “new way to experience music”, is a spatial interface intended to provide the lifelike ability to use turntables with movements matching the movements you’d do in real life. It’s a major step appealing to users interested in AI interactivity to more creatively DJ and interact with their music libraries in quite the novel way.

Check out the key features worth noting:

  • An interactive 3D turntable setup and experience: The interactive setup includes a virtual full-sized 3D set of turntables for users to mix music with, as well as options to scratch and move the needle on your virtual records.
  • Make your music library into digital records: Naturally, this wouldn’t come without the built-in ability to create 3D vinyl records of your tracks within the program – then take them out of their virtual sleeves and place them onto the tables.
  • Floating Music Library searching via eye movements: Yep, no kidding – you can look through your playlists by moving your eyes and search for, pick, and queue tracks with finger pinches. You can also preview your selected and upcoming tracks by holding your headphones up to your ears in the interface.
  • Visual Audio Scrubbing: Move through your tracks at hand with the same eye movements and finger pinches.
  • High-quality audio and 3D rendering to boot: The 3D graphics are both high-resolution and ultra-low latency, and the program comes with the ability to loop and add audio effects, add filters and audio effects, use automatic tempo and beat detection, and add sound normalization and time-stretching as you’d like.

Give it a go – and with a free Pro trial to start

If you’re already an active user with a Pro subscription to the app, the new features are available with its latest update. For those looking to join, djay is available as a free download, but you’ll need to sign up for a monthly ($6.99 USD / €6.99 / £6.99) or annual (($49.99 USD / €49.99 / £48.99) djay Pro subscription to utilize all of the app’s services including Apple Vision Pro. Make sure you’re running MacOS 10.15 or later and iOS 15 / iPadOS 15 or later in order to open the door to these additions as well.

If you’re looking to try before signing up for a bigger commitment, Algoriddim is currently offering a free 7-day trial for all users to test out djay Pro. You can also get a free 2-month trial if you already have an Apple Music subscription.

You can download the djay app via Apple’s App Store now.