Penn & Teller ‘Coming Up On 50 Years’ Of Magic And Thriller

Legendary magicians Penn & Teller have been entertaining the world with their sleight of hand and mysterious magical tricks for nearly five decades.

While they perform mostly in Las Vegas, the two occasionally take their show on the road. They recently visited Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall in New York City to make a not-so-friendly guy disappear!

Abra-Cough-Dabra! Penn & Teller Made Mr. Mucus Disappear In NYC

Penn & Teller
Michael Simon

If you want something or someone to disappear, Penn & Teller are your guys! They recently teamed up with something else that can make things disappear, specifically, mucus! The two magical geniuses partnered with Mucinex 12-Hour to make Mr. Mucus, the epitome of congestion and cough, to vanish. Abra-Cough-Dabra! Goodbye, Mr. Mucus!

During their magical performance in New York City earlier this week, the world-famous magicians put Mr. Mucus, Mucinex’s nefarious mascot, in his place during a live performance.

“We like new tricks a lot. We also like Mucinex because I talk on stage every night and I actually use it,” Penn Jillette told The Blast exclusively.

“We like to keep the products we’re involved with, things we actually use. Then they asked us to do a really fun trick. For all the TV we do and so on, we’re mostly live performers. The idea of doing a live carnie thing in Grand Central Station, was kind of nice to do an old fashion medicine show.”

Penn & Teller
Michael Simon

According to PR Newswire, the brand was excited to partner with the popular magicians.

“We’re beyond thrilled to be partnering with Penn & Teller,” Albert So, marketing director at Upper Respiratory Brands at Reckitt said.

“Who better than this legendary magician-comedian duo to demonstrate the effectiveness of Mucinex 12-Hour, the number one doctor recommended expectorant? We’ve all seen illusionists pull a rabbit out of a hat, but this is probably the first time two magicians have made a gigantic snot ball disappear.”

Penn & Teller Have Been Entertaining People With Magic And Comedy For Nearly Five Decades

Penn & Teller
Michael Simon

The iconic duo has been entertaining fans of all ages for nearly 50 years now. Of course, Penn jokes about the timeframe in the industry. And while the two aren’t currently on tour, they do take their show on the road often.

“I’m probably knocking on heaven’s door. We do what we can,” Penn said. “Mostly, we’re doing shows in Vegas but then we go about three times to other cities to do stuff – Boston, Chicago, and we also every few years do Australia and England.”

One might think that it’s tough to keep material fresh after so many years of being on the stage wowing fans, but Penn said that’s not the hard part.

“Getting up in the morning is the hard part. Keeping the tricks fresh is really easy,” he told The Blast.

“In order to do a good show, you have to really be loving the trick you’re doing at the time. No one has written more new material than we have, so we always have new stuff going on and we’re always recycling in old things too and I gotta tell you, you just have to feel like it’s the best thing in the world. We haven’t noticed some stuff, we didn’t notice that it sucked until five years after.”

Penn & Teller
Michael Simon

Something new that they’ve been incorporating into their lives shows more recently is finding coincidences among audience members and running with it.

“We got this new thing where we’re finding coincidences among the audience and we have some really great stuff getting people on stage and matching people in the audience finding out those kinds of things,” Penn said. “It’s really fun. Every night, as I said, with live performances, not only do we change our material all the time, we change most of the audience every day, so it’s a very new experience for everyone.”

In addition to their live shows, the duo is getting ready to do another season of their hit show, “Fool Us” on the CW.

“The best magicians in the world come on. We don’t know who they are gonna be because that would be unfair. They do a trick for us. We only see it once. We don’t know what the trick’s gonna be or who the magician’s gonna be and if they fool us, they win,” Penn explained. “Many people say the show is mistitled because it’s called ‘Fool Us’ and should be called ‘Fool Teller.’ Because if you fool Teller, you fool Penn & Teller.”

(And in case anyone is wondering, Teller stayed silent the entire interview, as fans might have expected. His facial expressions said a lot, though!)