Undercover agent mystery ‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ will get a contemporary, millennial TV sequence replace

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Olivia Salazar-Winspear and Dheepthika Laurent look at the latest in television series this month. “In Her Car”, a Ukrainian drama filmed in Kyiv during the war, is the brainchild of Ukrainian showrunner Eugen Tunick. He tells us what it was like filming in such conditions. Also: Donald Glover impresses with his millennial remake of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, the 2005 film that launched “Brangelina”. A TV series remake of David Nicholls’ “One Day”, starring the White Lotus’ Leo Woodall, is hailed for its delicate portrayal of love and grief. Finally, “The New Look” is a new fashion drama that looks at Chanel, Dior and their contemporaries living in Paris under Nazi occupation.