Song display: Thomas de Pourquery places pop twist on jazz style

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In this edition of our arts24 music show, Jennifer Ben Brahim meets French musician Thomas de Pourquery. The saxophonist, singer, composer and actor has fronted a variety of music collectives such as “Supersonic”, as well as working with the likes of Metronomy and Jeanne Added. As a saxophonist, he won France’s top jazz award, the Django Reinhart prize, in 2021. He’s just released his first solo album, “Let the Monster Fall”, a pop twist on the jazz genre. Thomas has blended his instrumental skills and soulful voice to make a deeply personal record; a sort of musical diary. We also talk about his deeply enriching experience of forming a musical collective in an abandoned building in Montmartre near the start of his career, as well as how he got his love for music from his father.