Interview: Danielle Clough Discusses Embroidery’s Lengthy History and the Tenuous Distinction Between Art and Craft



November 24, 2020

Grace Ebert

All pictures © Danielle Clough, shared with permission

By means of thickly layered thread, Cape City-based artist Danielle Clough (previously) conveys pleasure, positivity, and moments of pure delight, themes she discusses in a new interview supported by Colossal Members. Clough positions herself in the worlds of each fiber-based craft and artwork by embroidering intimate portraits of popular culture icons and vivid floral works on discovered objects. Every bit is stitched in vibrant and daring hues that exaggerate present tones or present a playful interpretation of the topic.

I like the area I get to occupy as an embroiderer, which is between a crafter and an artist. Whether or not I’m seen by any person else as a crafter or as an artist, it’s actually none of my enterprise. I like that area as a result of it offers me room to create with out essentially having to evoke which means.

In the interview, Clough spoke with managing editor Grace Ebert about her resilient optimism, the artistic paths she pursued previous to embroidery, and the extremely wealthy historical past of her chosen medium.



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