Mesmerizing Macro Photos of Ink Shot on the DJI Pocket 2

The DJI Pocket 2 is a journey vlogging machine and using it exterior that sphere is rarely thought-about by those who private one. Given the restrictions on journey from 2020, Vadim Sherbakov decided to see if he could make use of the little digital digicam previous its genuine intent.

Sherbakov says that because of this of he was unable to journey attributable to the COVID-19 pandemic, he decided he wanted to showcase the performance of the Pocket 2 digital digicam as not solely a vlogging machine that he enjoys, nonetheless as an outstanding b-roll digital digicam and an whole succesful machine for creative experimentation.

For this mission, Sherbakov chosen to work with liquids and inks and take a look at what he believes is the first macro video with ink to be shot on the Pocket 2 digital digicam.

“We use completely totally different inks, alcohol, soaps, and totally different completely totally different mixture of household chemical compounds for creating liquid art work of flow into and actions,” he says. “It was a troublesome nonetheless really pleasing mission as now we have now under no circumstances shot macro with inks sooner than nor have we executed it with Pocket 2.”

Sherbakov says that it took three weeks of pre-production in order to nail down the varieties of outcomes he wanted to report, with trial and error working with completely totally different outcomes using the inks and chemical compounds. After that, he shot over 7 hours of footage over the course of per week and a half, with a final week and a half spent in post-production to complete the final film.

He says it wasn’t all easy, however, as he encountered some challenges whereas capturing the film.

“Notably with a macro lens on, [the camera] requires super-close proximity to the subject, meaning it was pretty troublesome to get pipettes or syringes beneath it. In consequence of of that, the digital digicam itself may very well be seen with some darker and glossy base substances.”

Sherbakov explains that whereas using the Pocket 2 was unusual, it has a quantity of advantages that confirmed themselves all through manufacturing.

“As an illustration, the means to digitally zoom in and out, not solely as an extra movement however as well as as compositional benefits,” he says. “Gimbal movement left and correct (that in some other case would require some pricey gear), 4K in D-Log setting gave us the means to convey up colors to life, and high-frame-rate for the slow-motion half of the film [were also helpful].”

Though he shot in a LOG profile, the colors seen in the video weren’t overly enhanced.

“No essential color manipulation has been important since all colors had been executed correct in the digital digicam,” he says.

“Surprisingly, it took a lot much less effort to color acceptable and grade these pictures, since the exact image was glorious to start with,” Sherbakov says. “I take benefit of Davinci Resolve 17 beta which has a Coloration Warper software program. Some noise low cost was used along with a glow plugin to current the color a bit additional ‘pop.’”

Sherbakov says that this mission represented the danger to showcase that the Pocket 2 is a additional versatile digital digicam than many would give it credit score rating for, and will be utilized in situations that wouldn’t normally be thought-about for it, like what he reveals proper right here.

“We hope to encourage creatives to imagine exterior of the subject,” he says.

For additional from Vadim Sherbakov, you can observe him on Behance, Instagram, or go to his website online here.

Image credit score: Photos by Vadim Sherbakov and used with permission.

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