Playing with Macro Photography at the Kitchen Sink

Proper right here’s a quick, easy idea for one factor it’s possible you’ll attempt in your kitchen with a macro lens. Yesterday as I was doing the dishes, the water stream hit an egg cup and bounced up in a concentrated jet, splashing water up all through me.

We have got all been there, and all of us hate when it happens. Nonetheless this time, the macro pictures lover in me seen that the building of the jet that splashed up from the egg cup actually appeared pretty fascinating!

So I launched out my Sony a7 III digicam, my Godox TT685 exterior flash, and my trusty Venus Laowa 60mm macro lens, and commenced blasting pictures of it. And to my amazement the outcomes appeared pretty cool.

What you need to ideally do is place the flash behind the water stream, nevertheless not directly behind it — additional at a slight angle so that the flash does not shine straight into your lens. It’s essential have some kind of diffuser in your flash for better-looking outcomes. I used a plastic mild dome that I acquired at a ironmongery retailer. See the video above for additional particulars. Nonetheless you’ll be able to moreover merely stage the flash at a white flooring close to the sink, much like white tiles (or maybe the underside of your cupboard is white?). That may give glorious diffusion.

Set the flash at maybe 1/16 to 1/32 in power, your digicam to ISO 100, the aperture to f/eight or f/11, and a shutter tempo of spherical 1/60s. The shutter tempo does not matter that so much, as the flash is very fast (in the magnitude 1/10000s) and might stand for the majority of the mild in the publicity anyway.

Lean in fastidiously and slowly so you do not get water in your lens, and blast away with the digicam as quickly as the water drops are in focus. Make use of focus peaking or focus magnification, or just take examine pictures until you see that they are sharp. It’s essential get some fascinating pictures similar to the ones I acquired.

To get a additional distinctive background, and better separation of the matter, I tried placing a black T-shirt alongside the sink facet behind the water stream.

Try loads of utterly totally different angles between the flash, the digicam, and the water splashing up, and try and let the water splash in opposition to numerous issues – maybe an egg cup, a spoon, or one factor else? I experimented for spherical 45 minutes to get the pictures on this text, in the occasion you spend additional time it’s possible you’ll get even cooler-looking outcomes.

About the author: Micael Widell is a full time macro photographer and YouTuber based in Stockholm Sweden. The opinions expressed on this text are solely these of the author. Uncover his work on YouTube or at

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