The Rhinocam Vertex Lets Any Camera Take Medium Format-Style Photos

Fotodiox has launched a nifty new “spin” on taking high-resolution, square-shaped, medium-format-style photos using definitely considered one of many different interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras. The Rhinocam Vertex permits you to merely seize four pictures in a actual means so that stitching them in put up is a breeze.

The machine works by allowing a medium format lens to connect with mirrorless cameras from Sony, Canon, and Nikon in such a signifies that when the digital digital camera is rotated on the adapter, you get the entire benefit of the large image circle of medium format lenses with out having a medium format digital digital camera.

Whereas stitching various photos collectively to create one big image isn’t a model new thought, making a product that’s straightforward, easy to utilize, and will allow for fixed outcomes, is. On account of it could be powerful to get edges proper, most likely probably the most many photographers are ready to go close to stitching is each a multiple-exposure high-dynamic-range {photograph} or a panoramic. Fotodiox says with this machine, photographers at any stage can seize the dramatic aspect and sharpness which could be often solely obtainable with a sensor three instances greater than these found on a full-frame digital digital camera.

“RhinoCam Vertex is nice for panorama, industrial, and architectural photographers looking for remarkably extreme choice at a fraction of the worth,” Fotodiox says. “The lens stays firmly in place whereas the RhinoCam Vertex’s transferring platform positions the sensor for various precisely-positioned exposures. After the seize course of, it takes seconds to merge the various exposures into one greater image using automated stitching efficiency constructed into Adobe Photoshop.”

Below are two additional illustrations that displays how the Vertex pictures are captured earlier to being stitched collectively:

On account of the photographs are taken using a more-accurate flat stitching method, this machine avoids perspective factors and curvilinear distortion present in pictures joined by spherical stitching often found with motorized strategies that switch every digital digital camera physique and lens. Whereas this system requires mixing medium format optics with full-frame or smaller sensors, it does unlock a high-resolution medium format “look” for tons decrease than looking for a medium format digital digital camera.

The Rhinocam Vertex is constructed from all-metal and ensures a secure connection between the lens and the digital digital camera that Fotodiox says will not be going to degrade over time or with heavy use. Furthermore, the company ensures a 2-year producer assure.

Take a check out just a few of the sample pictures created with this machine beneath:

The adapter is available on the market for $300 for Sony E-Mount, Canon RF-Mount, and Nikon Z-Mount, and could possibly be combined with a Hasselblad V-Mount, Pentax 645-mount, or Bronica ETR-mount lenses.

Image credit score: Photos equipped by Fotodiox and used with permission.

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