MasterSounds and Union Audio unlock 4 Valve MK2 + Two Valve MK2 Rotary DJ Mixers: Enhanced Playability with VariableQ Top-pass Filters, Innofader

MasterSounds and Union Audio have unveiled the new MK2 version of their flagship Valve range of hand-made rotary DJ mixers, the Four Valve MK2 and Two Valve MK2. These fresh iterations are the next step in their ongoing dedication to premium quality DJ equipment. The MK2 Valve mixers come in both 2-channel and 4-channel options, offering a unique blend of classic design and modern functionality.

We totally missed this press release earlier this month and wanted to come back to it after discovering it my email post-NAMM. As always, we love to spotlight boutique, independent DJ gear producers like these two companies.

The silver Four Valve MK2 next to the black Two Valve MK2

VariableQ High-pass Filters: Versatility on Each Channel

The MK2 Valve mixers, including both the Four Valve MK2 and Two Valve MK2, now feature VariableQ high-pass filters on each channel, providing DJs with greater flexibility and control over their mixes.

The term “VariableQ” refers to the filter’s ability to adjust its resonance or “Q” factor. This means DJs can choose between a smoother or sharper frequency cutoff, depending on their desired effect. The inclusion of these filters on each channel allows for more precise mixing and smoother transitions between tracks. The new Variable-Q filter also provides a natural roll-off at low frequencies, perfect for mixing with filters alone, but as the knob is rotated, the Q rises to deliver a classic analogue swept filter sound.

Improved Features for Enhanced Sound Quality

The MK2 Valve series has been designed by Union Audio’s founder Andy Rigby-Jones and MasterSounds’ founder Ryan Shaw, who bring a combined 25 years of expertise in DJ mixer design and audio technology.

The redesigned 3-band EQ and RIAA Input stage show an intention to achieve optimum sound quality by the designers. The revised RIAA Input on the Valve MK2 features a new circuit, providing a more open and dynamic sound signature when playing vinyl. Additionally, the re-engineered 3-band EQ section per channel offers tighter EQ curves for sharp and punctuated mixing, with the same classic club-standard layout.

Both the Four Valve MK2 and Two Valve MK2 mixers come with an Innofader as the standard, sturdy crossfader with contour control, X/Y switch ability, and through function.

The company also touts ‘world-class’ valve summing on all channels, powering the fully symmetrical output stage and delivering a natural, open, and dynamic sound. The mixers also feature master isolators for creative sound sculpting, warm backlit VU meters and a full-fledged auxiliary send and return.

Monitoring on the MK2 Valve mixers is provided via the add mix knob and split cue button, powered by a low distortion, high fidelity headphone circuit, with red backlit cue buttons per channel for clarity.

Pricing and Availability

The MK2 Valve mixers, including the Two Valve MK2 and Four Valve MK2, are available in classic black and silver finishes.

The 2-channel Two Valve MK2 mixer is priced at £1895 (approximately €2,260/$2,490), while the 4-channel Four Valve MK2 model retails for £2695 (approximately €3,210/$3,530), exclusive of VAT for buyers outside the UK. Both models can be purchased exclusively via the MasterSounds website, and since they’re handmade, have a build time (at time of publishing, it’s 3 to 4 weeks)

Share Your Thoughts on the MK2 Valve DJ Mixers: Do you think these mixers offer the right balance between classic design and modern functionality? How do you see the VariableQ high-pass filters enhancing your mixing experience? Are the improvements in the EQ and RIAA Input sections worth the investment for those looking to upgrade their DJ setup? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.