Bam Margera Unearths Ex Hasn’t Given Their Son The $10k Items

Bam Margera is really trying his hardest to shape up and get in the good graces of his estranged wife so he can see his son again. So far, it’s been a struggle.

Bam Margera Is Working Hard

Bam Margera Detained After Allegedly Threatening To ‘Jump Off A Bridge’

The former reality star has had a tough go of it lately and is now trying to do the right thing and be a better person mostly for his son, Phoenix who he has been banned from seeing. Margera is battling a serious substance abuse issue and his wife doesn’t feel like their son is safe around him.

Margera is speaking out about how the separation from his son is currently affecting him. He tells TMZ that is torture knowing that his son is just a short drive away and he doesn’t have the free will to see him.

He insists he isn’t violent and seeing as he has held up his end of the bargain by entering rehab and making a lifestyle change he wants her to let him see his son sooner rather than later.

Bam Margera Has Had FaceTime Calls

Bam Margera seen after being released from jail after being arrested for Trespassing

The former professional skateboarder isn’t totally shut off from his son, he admits that his wife, Nikki has allowed a few FaceTime calls. Besides the few FaceTime chats Margera claims that Nikki mostly “ghosts” his calls and has been for “months”.

He continued to comment on Nikki, “She wants to paint a picture of me being armed and dangerous… she wants supreme court visits,” he claims. He also notes that he takes care of an 8-year-old little girl, who he takes to “movies” and stuff that any normal dad would do.

Bam’s lawyer stepped in to back up his client’s word, he says the FaceTime calls were three weeks ago and there has been no contact since. They both stressed that Nikki is going out of her way to make Bam seem like an awful person.

Bam Margera Is Physically Upset


The former Jackass star expressed how annoyed he was with Nikki even going as far as to call her out for not picking up $10,000 worth of Christmas gifts he purchased for his son. “It’s f**king July,” he says to the camera with anger.

When asked about his sobriety and working with Lamar Odom, who went out of his way to scoop up Margera from a hospital and straight into one of his facilities, Margera said that Odom “understands” him.

He can’t be “couped up in a room” but he is however surrounding himself with “sober people” according to him and his lawyer. “He’s making sure to find sober people. Lamar is that Lamar helps him with that, Lamar was looking for sober people to be with him at all times,” reiterates his lawyer.

Plus, Bam Margera Has A New Girl Who’s A Friend

Bam Margera, his wife, and son.

Margera also attributes his sobriety to this new girl he has been hanging out with, a fitness model he describes as. Could it be her 8-year-old child he is spending time with? “I’m with a girl right now that… she’s s fitness trainer, she’s a model, she’s been keeping me on point and we’ve been going back and forth to Oceanside and her home in Los Angeles,” he shares.

Margera seemed smitten when speaking about this new woman in his life, he blushed a little. We have to admit he is looking better these days. Maybe it’s because he was just with his lawyer at the courthouse or maybe it’s because of the sobriety!