Vanessa Has Social Media Reinforce All over ‘Temptation’ Nightmare

It’s been a wild ride so far for both the singles and the couples on “Temptation Island.”

The new addition of the Temptation Light definitely shook things up this week. Vanessa, who came to the island with her boyfriend of a year, Rob, has taken to social media for some much-needed support during a time that she’s calling a “nightmare.”

Vanessa Is Not A Fan Of The Temptation Light

Temptation Island
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The addition of the Temptation Light last week really rocked all the couples’ worlds. Just the mere thought that their significant other could be the one who set the light off had everyone in a bit of a tizzy, but no one took the news as strongly as Vanessa did.

After learning about the round light in the room that’s not just there for decorative purposes, Vanessa shared her thoughts.

“It’s gut wrenching. I’m gonna sleep on this couch and watch that light all night long like I won’t be able to rest,” she said emotionally. Later she offered, “I’m gonna be triggered regardless of if it’s my man or not.”

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After the light began glowing red in the girls’ villa during their casino party, she immediately felt like it was Rob who fell into temptation.

But shortly after, the girls found their power and decided not to let the light bother them and the party got a little steamier. Vanessa then had a slight change of heart when it came to her mindset about the glowing red light of doom.

“I want it lit up in the other house,” she said. “I want them to feel the pressure of potentially losing their partner.”

When the light lit up once again later that night, Vanessa started to think that maybe she’s going to have another failed relationship saying that the light has struck a nerve with her.

Vanessa Has Great Support On Social Media As She Goes Through “Nightmare”

Vanessa Temptation Island
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Vanessa was definitely struggling with the light that changed the entire vibe of the villa. She recently took to social media to get some advice from her loyal followers on how to deal with this “nightmare.”

She shared an Instagram Story asking her followers to answer the question, “Wake me up from this nightmare…Advice?” and many responded in a supportive way.

“You are absolutely beautiful inside and outside you are my fave queen,” one person responded.

Temptation Island Vanessa
Vanessa Valente – Instagram

Another follower said, “Dont’ worry about the light and have trust in your man,” to which she responded with a poll asking “Should I trust Rob?” An hour into the poll and a whopping 83% of people responded “no.”

Temptation Island Vanessa
Vanessa Valente – Instagram

Another follower reminded her that she’s a “strong queen” and added that Rob is a “little boy who doesn’t deserve you.”

Temptation Island Vanessa
Vanessa Valenta – Instagram

Another fan reminded her to “Take it one moment/one day at a time.” One other person responded to her advice request by asking, “Was it harder doing it live or watching yourself on tv do it again?” Vanessa said, “So much harder living it, the anxiety was stressful.”

One fan reminded Vanessa that she doesn’t need to be stressing herself over a man.

Temptation Island Vanessa
Vanessa Valente – Instagram

While there’s still a good deal of time to go before it’s determined if Vanessa goes home as a couple with Rob, by herself as a single girl, or with a new partner. What do you think will happen? Is Vanessa going to find new love while on the island?

“Temptation Island” airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on USA Network.